Ministries and Programs


Music Ministry

Our desire is to make Jesus Christ the center of our worship and He is also the audience for whom we perform.  Our music will appeal to all ages and we strive to use music to touch people culturally and spiritually—fulfilling Christ’s statement in John 4:23 saying, “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.”

Our Worship Pastor Allan Wiltshire does a brilliant and gifted job in arranging our worship services.  Allan is always looking for singers and instrumentalists to help with the regular Worship services and to assist with Holiday and special event planning.


Allan Wiltshire


children’s ministry

We believe that our children are both a gift given by the Lord and a responsibility of parents and this congregation.  Rather than foster an environment where the children are conditioned to not attend worship with adults, our desire is to help create within them a desire to participate in regular worship with the Body of Christ!

Until children reach the age of eight years, we provide a training time during our morning worship service which has a goal to teach children a love of God’s Word, a desire to study it and a desire to worship the God who sent His Son Jesus into this world.

We are in the process of building and polishing this format which will be loosely based on Godly Play principles of study.  Utilizing both Scripture and activities, we allow children to learn actively and with excitement!

As should every believer!


9:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


Sunset Hills Baptist Church


sunday morning life groups

Okay, sure, this has traditionally been referred to as “Sunday School,” but we chose to rename these periods of teaching and fellowship to something that reflects what we are trying to accomplish: imparting truth and encouragement to enable us to live our lives through greater knowledge and stronger relationships with each other.

Just as our teaching finds its source in the Bible, so do our Life Groups.  While there are some classes which are populated by many of similar age, anyone can attend any class.

As we grow, we will add new classes which may focus more on subject matter which allows the truth of God’s Word to be applied to specific areas.  Since we realize it is God who will enable us to grow, we also understand our responsibility to recognize those with both a desire and gift to teach and provide them with opportunities of training and to give them the circumstance to exercise their gifts.

We hope you will feel comfortable to attend one of our Life Group classes at 9:15AM on Sunday mornings!

meeting times

9:15 AM


Sunset Hills Baptist Church


women’s missionary union

The women of Sunset Hills actively live out our faith and obedience to Christ as we use our spiritual gifts to pray for missions, give to missions, and do missions in Jesus’ name. 

We meet once a month to learn from scripture how we can develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle that encourages us to obey Christ’s command to “go and make disciples” beginning in our own community and reaching to the ends of the earth. 

Each month we discuss mission projects where we can involve our church to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus in a hurting world, and projects to encourage and support our community.  We invite all ladies to join with us as we pray, plan and prepare to do missions. 


Mary Laughman
Shay Powell



Our Men’s Ministry is overseen by our Deacons who help facilitate projects which help care for our members who may have needs they may be unable to accomplish on their own.  Any member can easily recommend a project to our men by contacting Pastor Jim or the office to make us aware of a need!


Pastor Jim Grieme



God has blessed our church with the opportunity to show our appreciation for the teachers and staff at Mt. Caramel Elementary School (MCES), and in doing so, to also demonstrate the love of Christ to them.

Throughout the school year we make available our facilities to MCES for their use.  We also collect school materials for distribution to the teachers and staff (many teachers buy their classroom materials out of their own incomes).  We regularly supply reams of paper, supplies like pens, dry-erase markers and even pencil sharpeners for the teachers.

For the holidays we do two very important acts of kindness for this school: we collect the names of all of the teachers and teaching staff as well as the office staff and distribute their names within our church to purchase personal gifts as a Christmas gift to them. 

Beginning in 2018, we will also ask for the names of four children (more names as we grow and are able) for us to provide a special Christmas effort for these children and their families.We are always asking the Lord to continue to bless these efforts!

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holiday goody baskets

The ladies Group, the WMU (Women’s Missionary Union), organizes the women of the church to bake Christmas goodies for us to distribute to the Police & Sheriff’s departments, local Fire Departments, the 911 Call-Center and those small-businesses with whom God has allowed us to have a relationship.

The ladies bake goodies and gather on a Saturday morning near the first week of December and put together generous baskets for Pastor Jim and some of the men of the church to distribute. 2018 will be the seventh year and God has truly given us a fantastic opportunity to help extend our gratitude toward those who regularly risk their lives to serve the people of this community.


Mary Laughman